Below is a menu of the bookkeeping services we offer.

  • Catch-up on bookkeeping and clean-up books.

  • Enter data into QuickBooks and reconcile against bank statements and credit card statements.

  • Research transactions to appropriately categorize transactions.

  • Apply payments received from customers in merchant accounts to the appropriate customer invoices.

  • Categorize transactions into standard chart of accounts.

  • Cleanup General Ledger using journal entries.

  • Create customer invoices based on products purchased and services used.

  • Pay vendor bills using QuickBooks.

  • Organize all electronic documents in file folders on a cloud share like Dropbox.

  • Answer questions via email and/or phone.

  • Email Excel/PDF financial reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    • Bank reconciliation reports

    • Credit Card reconciliation reports

    • Merchant account reconciliation reports

    • Accounts Payable Aging reports

    • Vendor unpaid bills reports

    • Accounts Receivable Aging reports

    • Customer Balance reports

    • Income Statement or Profit and loss reports

    • Balance Sheet or Net worth reports

    • Any other reports you need!


Rosita Hosking, Founder